Keith Kilpatrick, Environmental Health and Safety Services Director

Keith Kilpatrick

Environmental Health and Safety Services Director

Keith Kilpatrick serves as the Director of Environmental, Health, and Safety Services (EHHS) at Federal Occupational Health (FOH) within the Program Support Center.  In this capacity, Mr. Kilpatrick is responsible for managing and providing the EHSS team with the resources necessary to support customer agencies with a variety of occupational health services. These services include industrial hygiene evaluations, indoor air quality assessments, environmental assessments, ergonomic surveys, respiratory protection, sample collection and laboratory analysis, asbestos and lead management, occupational safety and health training, safety and regulatory compliance, food sanitation inspections, and environmental management systems. The services are provided for federal employees and agencies throughout the United States and United States Territories.

Prior to joining FOH, he had over 20 years of experience in the public health field. Mr. Kilpatrick is a retired Navy Medical Service Corps Officer completing numerous ashore and overseas assignments that included operational commitments onboard two nuclear aircraft carriers, CVN-71 USS Theodore Roosevelt and CVN-77 USS George H.W. Bush. As a federal employee, he served the Veterans Health Administration as the Regional Program Manager for the State of Texas, as Interim Director of Public Health at Patuxent River Naval Hospital, and as Chief of Public Health at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital.

Keith holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Management from Northeastern State University, a master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, and a Master of Business Administration from Webster University at St. Louis Missouri.

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