U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
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ASPA Digital Communication Division Contacts

Name Phone Liaison Offices Websites Projects
Adams, Linda B. 202-205-2805 ACF, ACL, ASFR HHS.gov/ASFR, HHS.gov/grants, HHS.gov/about, HHS.gov/programs, HHS.gov/regulations, FAQs, HHS.gov utility pages, Intranet/Contracts & Grants Support, Intranet/UFMS Archive & Content Lifecycle Mgt
Project H – Phases I, II, III
WebUpdates Co-manager
Registration Database
Alonso, Yvette 202-690-6713     Performance Management Reporting, Enterprise Contracts Liaison,  COR Level III for DCD, POC for OMB/EPLC Reporting, Project H Consolidation POC
Bronson, Samuel 202-260-6502   Analytics for all DCD-managed sites Metrics & Analysis Program Manager, Fed Web Council (with Dick Stapleton), HHS Analytics Community of Practice, Contract Analytics Team Lead, Analytics Software Mgt.
Cunningham, Darryl 202-205-9459     Application Development, Voice of the Consumer (VOC ) Tool, News Release Tracker, team applications management, FoodSafety Apps
Harris, Sally 202-260-6498 AHRQ, HRSA, FOIA Stopbullying.gov, Usability.gov (with Katie Messner), HHS.gov/IdeaLab (OCTO), HealthData.gov, HHS.gov/foia Structured Content/Content Types Lead, Dynamic Data Display; Social Media Database;  Terms of Service Agreements
Hamilton, Tony 202-260-6448     Cloud/Infrastructure Management; Security, EPLC
Harris, Debra 202-690-6222 DAB , IEA, IHS, OIG, OMHA, ONC, SAMHSA HHS.gov/LGBT and AIDS.gov
HHS.gov/homeless, HHS.gov/environmentaljustice/, MentalHealth.gov, OIG.hhs.gov, HealthIT.gov, Aging.gov (with Katie Messner)
Intranet (with Kathy Lawler); OASH Project (with and Katie Messner), UX Team Management (with Katie Messner)
Karakcheyev, Olexiy (Alex) 202-205-4545     Web Applications and databases, Syndication,  Enterprise Maps, Search Management,  Forms & Widgets, Enterprise Software Licenses, Security Scan Requests, Akamai (backup), EPLC, Percussion management
Lawler, Kathy 202-205-5125 ITIO, OCIO, Intranet All (except ASFR) Intranet, HHS.gov/ocio, FOH (with Bill Tolar) WebUpdates Co-manager; Section 508 guidance, Intranet Redesign (lead), HHS.gov/accessibility work
Lier, Silje 202-260-4655 CDC, FDA, NIH, NVPO Foodsafety.gov, HHS.gov/open,
HHS.gov/digitalstrategy, OASH (back-up),
HHS.gov/nvpo, Vaccines.gov, BeTobaccoFree.gov, HHS.gov/LabSafety 
Social Media Outreach, Video/YouTube, GovDelivery, HHS Digital Council Manager
Messner, Kathryn (Katie) 202-604-7925 ASH (Immediate Office), ACTBTSA,  CFSAC, MCC, OAH, ODPHP, OHAIDP, OHRP, OMH, OPA, ORI, OWH, PCSBI, PCSFN, PHQ, SG Usability.gov (Lead), SurgeonGeneral.gov, HHS.gov/advcomcfs, HHS.gov/ash, HHS.gov/ohrp, HHS.gov/web, WomensHealth.gov, HealthyPeople.gov, Health.gov, Aging.gov (w/ Debra) User-centered design and practices, UX Team Manager (with Sally Harris), UX testing and tools, OHRP redesign
Stapleton, Richard 201-493-8222 240-478-7818     Senior Deputy Director; Strategic Planning & Special Projects, and Acting Director Engagement Branch
Stevenson, Christine 202-260-1326 ASL, ASPA, IOS, OCR HHS.gov homepage, HHS.gov/blog and HHS.gov/Secretary, (with Nick Garlow), HHS.gov/news, HHS.gov/asl, HHS.gov/aspa, HHS.gov/about/leadership/leaders, HHS.gov/ocr Project H Consolidation & Reporting (with Dick Stapleton), OCR Redesign, Social Media Outreach, News Release Clearance
Sun, Eric 202-260-6453   FreshEmpire.gov and TheRealCost.gov post-launch support Authentication Management System (AMS), Akamai, Drupal management, Open Source, SSL Certificate, JIRA Ticketing System, Google Apps, HD Video Streaming, EPLC
Tolar, Bill 202-205-9741     Acting Director Content Branch
Trefzger, Bill 202-690-4597     Deputy Director and Acting Director Performance and Operations Branch
Weber, Mark 202-260-6412     Acting Director for DCD
Williams, Vanessa 202-205-5087     Domain Name Management,  Translations contract, DNS Tracking and Management, BPA liaison, Business Support for Performance Tracking, UFMS support and contract records management
Yancey, Yani 202-690-3876 ASA, ASPE, ASPR,  GH, OGC Flu.gov, HHS.gov/asa, HHS.gov/careers, HHS.gov/travel, HHS.gov/ogc, aspe.hhs.gov, PSC.gov & PHE.gov (with Bill Tolar),; GlobalHealth.gov Project H Team, Global Health Project (with Dick Stapleton), Intranet Redesign Team


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Content last reviewed on November 9, 2015