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E-Gov Travel

E-Gov Travel Training - FAQs

1. How do I register for training classes offered by the HHS Travel Office?

For classes offered by the HHS Travel Office, use the GoToTraining registration process found on the Training landing page

2. How do I register for a class offered by HHS University?

   a. Log on to the HHS Learning Portal through the AMS.   
   b. For assistance with the HHS University Learning Portal contact the LMS Help Desk at 1-855-495-2184.

3. How do I receive a Certificate of Completion?

For courses completed through HHS University:

1. Log on to the Learning Portal @
2. Click on the "Learning" tab across the top of the page
3. Click on the "Transcripts" tab along the left side of the page (it will be the second option)
4. Click on "Print Certificate of Completion" for the course(s) you have successfully completed (under the Completion Status column)

For courses provided by the HHS Travel Office, an electronic version of the certificate will be emailed to each participant upon successful completion of the course.