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E-Gov Travel

Travel Manual Bulletins

When the Department issues supplemental policy or guidance, each Operating Division (OPDIV) and Staff Division (STAFFDIV) must ensure that the information is distributed to the appropriate staff. Supplemental guidance will be published as Bulletins. These bulletins clarify provisions and the requirements outlined in the HHS Travel Manual and serve as timely updates to the manual. Always check the HHS Travel Office website for the most up-to-date information related to HHS Travel Policy.

Furthermore, every OPDIV/STAFFDIV must adhere to Departmental policy and guidance, but may choose to implement policy in a more restrictive manner within its own OPDIV/STAFFDIV. Individual OPDIV/STAFFDIV travel policies can also be found on the HHS Travel Office website in the OPDIV/STAFFDIV Policy Section.

Conference Management Initiative

Other Than Coach Class (First and Business)

Use of Appropriated Funds for Conferences and Meetings and Food

HHS Instruction 572-1:  Payment of Travel and/or Transportation Relocation Expenses

FTR bulletin formally announcing the transition to ETS2