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E-Gov Travel

OpDiv-Staff Policy Manuals

Every OPDIV/STAFFDIV must adhere to Departmental policy and guidance, but may choose to implement policy in a more restrictive manner within its own OPDIV/STAFFDIV. The links and policies below are for those OPDIV/STAFFDIVs that have developed policies that are in addition to the HHS Travel Manual. These policies are intended as a reference only. Please check with your OPDIV/STAFFDIV for the most up-to-date version of your specific travel policy. They can also assist you with any OPDIV/STAFFDIV specific travel related questions.

NIH Travel Policy:

IHS Travel Policy:

FDA Travel Policy

FDA Relocation Policy:

FDA Business Class Travel Policy:

FDA Telephone Calls and Laundry Policy:

FDA Frequent Traveler Benefits Policy:

CMS Travel Handbook 2010

SAMHSA Travel Hand Book February 2009

CDC Required Use Policy