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HHS Transhare Policy

The PSC Transhare Transit Subsidy Program Policy (Applies to HHS Participants Only)

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Program Support Center (PSC), Administrative Operations Service (AOS), Division of Transportation Services, Transhare Program Office administers the transit subsidy program for the majority of HHS employees using public transportation nationwide. This program does not serve AHRQ, NIH, nor CDC other than NCHS. These groups have independent transit subsidy programs.

The PSC Transhare Program is a transportation incentive program offering transit subsidies to employees who commute to work by public transportation or state-registered vanpool. The dollar amount of the subsidy is determined by each agency and cannot exceed a maximum amount set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for non-taxable fringe benefits.

The benefits from this program cannot be used for parking expenses or any other aspect of the commute beyond the actual mass transit or vanpool costs. Use of the benefits for meetings or other local travel is disallowed. The benefits are to be used for the mass transit or vanpool commuting costs from home to work and from work to home exclusively. Actual monthly costs may exceed the maximum monthly benefits paid for by the agency; in that case, the enrollee is responsible for any additional expense.


  • A participant must be classified as an employee of the Federal Government, as defined by 5 U.S.C., subsection 2105 with an anticipated work duration which exceeds 60 consecutive days.
  • Full and part time HHS employees are eligible.
  • An applicant must be inducted into the HHS badging system.

Application process:

  • Employee will complete an online application.   To access the online application the participant must be inducted in the HHS badging system and must have a government email address.
  • Upon application approval, a GO!card transit subsidy charge card will be ordered and sent via US Mail to the  applicant’s home address.
  • Benefits are available when GO!card transit subsidy charge card is received and activated by participant.   Benefits are not provided retroactively.

To learn how to apply for Transhare benefits, update participation in or recertify your Transhare benefits, click here

Transit media will not be replaced, if lost or stolen. Subsidies are not transferable to another party. Benefits do not accrue or roll over from one month to another. Benefits must be used during the current benefit cycle or are forfeited. 

It is the responsibility of each participant to monitor their benefits and adjust the subsidy purchased to reflect leave or any other disruption of their regular commute to and from the duty station noted on their application. Participants are not entitled to benefits while on leave or TDY Travel.

Withdrawal from the PSC Transhare Program

If a participant obtains parking privileges, leaves the Department, or moves to an agency within HHS not serviced by this program, he/she must withdraw from the PSC Transhare Program.

A participant moving to an agency still serviced by the PSC Transhare Program who wishes to remain in the program must immediately update his/her Transhare enrollment. Please see the Procedures section for more information regarding the update process.

To begin the withdrawal process, participants must send an email to detailing the reason for leaving the program as well as the effective date of the termination. This information is used to determine the dollar amount of subsidies that need to be returned. The return must be in the form of unused and reusable mass transit media, a personal check, cashier’s check or money order payable to HHS, or a combination of these options.

Supervisors or Agency Transhare Coordinators may email to request termination on behalf of a participant.

Termination process for employees with Not to Exceed Employment Date:

During the application process, supervisors provide a not-to-exceed date.  The participant’s GO!card is automatically cancelled on the not-to-exceed date without notification.  In the event of extended employment, an online recertification must be completed prior to the not-to-exceed date to ensure continued receipt of benefits.

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Content created by Assist. Sec./Administration - Program Support Center
Content last reviewed on June 16, 2014