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The GO!card is a transit subsidy charge card that permits the cardholder to purchase transit passes, vouchers or other fare media for subway, bus, train and/or ferry service directly from transit vendor(s).  It is preferred form of fare media because benefits are automatically refreshed to the card monthly, eliminating the need for monthly distribution of vouchers or fare cards and the waste associated with expired vouchers.

Use your GO!card to:

• Purchase monthly passes online or link your GO!card to a reloadable transit card such as a Chicago Card Plus, EASY Card, SmarTrip Card, ORCA, BreezeCard or Charlie Card.

• Purchase transit media directly from your transit provider from ticket windows, ticket voucher machines (TVMs) or by mail.

In limited instances, transit subsidy recipients may use a transportation vendor that does not accept charge cards as a form of payment. In those instances, the participant must contact to receive benefits via mail order fulfillment.

Key points:

• The GO!card is exclusively for the purchase of monthly transit media.
• Your benefit amount is automatically available on your GO!card each month. You no longer need to pick up monthly/quarterly benefits.
• Benefits will be available on the 23rd of each month and will remain available through the 22nd of the following month. It is recommended that benefits be purchased by the 15th of each month. 
• Unused monthly transit benefits expire at the end of each month.
• You are required to complete a GO!card cardholder agreement that will communicate the parameters of the program and validate your contact information. 
• Your name will appear on the GO!card issued to you.
• The maximum amount available on the card each month is equal to the maximum amount of your monthly transit subsidy.
• You are not responsible for the bill and will not receive a statement.
• This charge card will not appear on your credit report.

Welcome to the GO!card program and thank you for using the Green Option Commuter Card!

Frequently Requested GO!card Documents

GO!card Activation Instructions
GO!card Balance Inquiry Instructions
SmarTrip - GO!card Procedure
GO!card Application (SAMPLE)
GO!card WorkSheet (SAMPLE)

If you have questions about Transhare or about the GO!card, please email or call us at 301-492-4774.