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New Federal Travel System: Concur Government Edition (CGE)

Concur Government Edition (CGE)

PSC Launches New HHS Travel System

CGE System Is Live! Will Help HHS ‘Travel Smarter’


The new system is live! PSC has launched a new and improved HHS-wide travel system that offers enhanced features and benefits for travelers. The system makes the experience easier and enables smarter travel.

PSC’s Travel Program Management service is managing the HHS-wide transition to the new federal travel system, Concur Government Edition (CGE). PSC has completed a CDC pilot, CMS and NIH are fully deployed, and we are on target to complete everyone in HHS by the end of July.

The system expands on the successes of GovTrip (ETS1) to provide greater ease of use and expanded functionality. There is increased automation to simplify the reservation, payment, and voucher-processing experience.

“The transition to CGE marks a major milestone in HHS, moving more from travel tracking to a more proactive strategy of travel management,” said Kristin Gillham, Director, PSC Transportation Services. “Through features such as increased policy compliance controls and robust reporting capabilities, the new system will allow the Department to significantly bolster its travel budgeting and planning.”

Part of managing the change is customer communications and training to ensure users are comfortable and can maximize the benefits. Comprehensive training is available, including computer-based courses in the Learning Management System, town hall webinars to allow users to ask questions and gain insights from the experts, and classroom instruction for travel administrators. PSC is also offering online demos with tips and tricks for using the system.


Some of the key features and benefits offered by CGE include:

  • A more intuitive, user-friendly platform, similar to commercial booking engines like Expedia®
  • Streamlined booking and authorization processes
  • Creation of automatic authorizations
  • E-receipts
  • Quick tips on each page
  • Amtrak interface so travelers can explore rail options
  • Increased user security (e.g., greater protection of Personally Identifiable Information [PII])
  • Improved policy compliance

In addition to providing management and transition support for the new CGE travel system, PSC’s Travel Program Management offers travel program-related services such as task order development and solicitation, system management and integration, policy services, consulting and auditing, plus management of the travel charge card used by federal employees. PSC’s Federal Travel Charge Card is used by employees to purchase airline and rail tickets, book lodging, and incidental items associated with official travel and local area as well as temporary-duty transportation solutions.

PSC is Managing the Business of Government™. For more information, contact the Transportation Services ETS2 team at

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Content created by Assist. Sec./Administration - Program Support Center
Content last reviewed on August 7, 2014