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Travel Card Policy

Travel Card Policy

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Program Support Center (PSC), Administrative Operations Service (AOS), Division of Transportation Service manages the HHS Travel Card Program for all of Health and Human Services.

The HHS Travel Charge Card is a convenient method for the HHS and their employees to make payments for official government travel and travel related expenses, while allowing the HHS to better manage their travel related expenses.

Other benefits of the program include:
Safety – The HHS Travel Charge Card improves financial controls and eliminates the need for cash
Electronic Access to Data – Provides accurate, comprehensive transaction detail with a few clicks of a button
Worldwide Acceptance – The GSA SmartPay2 Charge Cards provide greater access to merchants because they are accepted worldwide
Access to Government providers - Government Charge Card users are given access to GSA City Pair reduced airfares and FedRooms
The HHS saves money on travel processing costs and generates revenue through volume of refunds with the use of the GSA SmartPay Travel Charge Card


HHS employees who travel more than four times a year on official government business are required to use a government charge card. Please contact your A/OPC to discuss your eligibility to receive a travel card.

Travel Card Holder and Travel Card A/OPC Training

All Travel Card holders and Agency/Organization Program Coordinators (A/OPCs) are required to take the HHS Travel Charge Card training on the proper use of a Government Travel Card prior to receiving one. The 30-minute course gives card holders and A/OPCs a better understanding of HHS-specific policies and procedures for the Travel Charge Card and helps you and your organization maximize the benefits of the Travel Charge Card program. 

Card holder roles and responsibilities

  • Cardholders SHOULD:
    • Use the charge card appropriately, in accordance with HHS policy, other laws, and governmental regulations
    • Keep up to date with required program & agency-specific training, including refresher training
    • Look out for communications from A/OPCs and take appropriate action
    • Contact their A/OPC for questions regarding use of the card
    • Immediately report a lost or stolen card
    • Register for PaymentNet on-line access
    • Use card for OFFICIAL travel expenses ONLY
    • Track expenses while on travel in order to have accurate information for filing travel claims
    • Keep receipts for All transactions charged on travel card
    • File travel claim within 5 days of return from TDY
    • Submit payment in full for each monthly bill
  • Cardholders SHOULD NOT:
    • Use the Travel Card for personal use
    • Obtain ATM travel advances which exceed the expected out of pocket expenditures for a trip
    • Allow monthly bill to become overdue; this could result in suspension or cancellation of Travel Card
    • Wait for receipt of the monthly bill to file travel claims
    • Pay for another individuals travel expense
    • Write their personal identification number (PIN) on the card or carry in a wallet

Frequently Requested Travel Card Documents

  1. Traveler's Agreement
  2. Travel Card Application Form - To obtain this form, please contact your Agency/Organization Program Coordinator (A/OPC).
  3. Do's and Don'ts for Employees
  4. Government Travel Card Program Zero Tolerance and Disciplinary Policy