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Dear Bicycle Enthusiast:

Thank you for your interest in the PSC Bicycle Subsidy Program.

This program is intended to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and promote wellness amongst HHS employees by providing a monthly subsidy for qualifying bicycle expenses incurred by a participant who commutes to work via bicycle.

The PSC Bicycle Subsidy Program supports the expansion of the Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefit (IRS Tax Code Section 132(f)) to allow bicycle commuters to receive $20.00 per month as a subsidy to pay for qualifying bicycle expenses incurred by commuting via bicycle. 

The PSC Bicycle Subsidy Program is an expansion of the PSC Transhare Program and is available to all qualifying HHS employees of participating operating divisions.  The PSC Transhare Program and Bicycle Subsidy Program is not currently available to NIH or CDC (except NCHS) employees.

Participants regularly using a non-motorized bicycle for a substantial portion of commuting days between the participant’s residence and the work site (50% or greater) are eligible to receive the bicycle subsidy.

Qualifying expenses include:

  • Bicycle commuting expenses under this program may include:

    • The purchase of a bike lock
    • Bike parking or storage
    • Bike upgrades (lights, racks, etc.)
    • Repairs, tuning and general maintenance
    • Safety equipment

Important note: Currently the bicycle benefit cannot be combined with the transit or parking benefit. On any given month, employees who opt for the bicycle benefit cannot take advantage of the transit or parking benefit.

The PSC Bicycle Subsidy Program begins subsidy distribution beginning April 1, 2011.

A completed PSC Bicycle Subsidy Application Form must be submitted prior to receiving the benefit. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Participants must recertify annually to continue to receive the benefit. Participants understand it is a violation of law to provide false or fraudulent information to the Federal Government to obtain the bicycle benefit.

All bicycle benefit participants must adhere to the policy and rules of the garage and/or building policy for safeguarding a bicycle on HHS owned or rented property. HHS assumes no liability for damage or theft of personal property.


Enrollment is open at all times to all HHS Federal Employees. An eligible HHS employee applies for the PSC Qualified Bicycle Commuting Benefits by completing the PSC Bicycle Subsidy Application Form, obtaining the appropriate signatures and forwarding to PSC Transhare Program Office via fax to 301-443-1719. 

Applications may also be sent via US Mail to:

PSC Bicycle Subsidy Program
5600 Fishers Lane, Room 5B-07
Rockville, MD 20857

Approximately 650 national and locally owned retailers & storage providers will accept the bicycle vouchers. $10 and $20 denominations are available.

Participating vendors can be found at:

If your vendor is not listed please call 1-800-531-2828 to inquire about adding them to the list of participating vendors.

Contact the PSC Transhare Program Office at or 301-443-2414 with any questions.