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Appendix D: Summary of Updates to HHS Strategic Plan




July 2012

  • Added a table of contents on each Strategic Plan page to improve navigation
  • Modified titles of the Strategic Plan Goals on the landing page to improve navigation

Overall Changes for the Introduction and Goals 1 through 5

September 2011

  • Updated tenses to appropriately reflect current actions and progress on initiatives that have been initiated since the completion of the current Strategic Plan
  • Updated the hyperlinks for accuracy
  • Removed references to out of date offices, such as OCIIO, which has been moved to CMS
  • Removed outdated references to the Recovery Act
  • To ensure consistency with the GPRA Modernization Act of 2010 changed the sentence that HHS updates the Strategic Plan every 3 years to every 4 years
  • Updated goal 1 to align with current Administration and Department language, and appropriately updated all references throughout the objectives for goal 1
  • Deleted outdated strategies, such as consumer assistance programs


July 2012

  • Updated Appendix A, HHS Organizational Chart with 2012 version
  • Reorganized Appendixes relating to performance indicators
    • Renamed HHS Performance Measures (Summary Table) as Appendix B-1
    • Created Appendix B-2, Strategic Plan Detail Report, previously accessible only through Performance Measures Summary table
    • Moved Priority Goals from Appendix E to Appendix B-3
  • Updated Performance Measures Summary Table (Appendix B-1)
    • Updated results to show most recent results
  • Updated Strategic Plan Detail Report (Appendix B-2)
    • Updated targets to include FY 2013 targets
    • Updated results to show most recent results

September 2011

  • Changed the titles of the objectives to accurately reflect the Strategic Plan
  • Updated the year for the most recent data where applicable
  • Updated the website links to
  • Changed 1.C.3 Most current result to 70.8% (FY2007)
  • Changed baseline for 1.E.1:  Medicaid: 29,943,162
  • Changed 1.E.4 Most recent result to 19.5 million (FY 2010), and the 2015 target to 38.7 million.
  • 2.A.2 Updated most recent result to “51 Effective Health Care Research Reports (FY 2010)”
  • 3.A.1 Updated language around most recent result to the following:” Head Start: Convened training and strategic planning meeting with National Centers, Office of Head Start, and Training/Technical Assistance staff (Dec 2010); Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Recompetition published (Sept 2010)” Child Care/QRIS:  Pilot of benchmarks completed  with ten states (June 2011)
  • 3.A.2 Updated language around most recent result to “12,911 additional Head Start children served 46,465 additional EHS children served (March 2011), 314,000 (estimated) children receiving child care subsidies supported by Recovery Act funds (March 2011).”  Updated the source to “Office of Child Care Information System (OCCIS).”
  • 3.C.1 Removed CLASS Program Section
  • 3.E.4 Updated most recent result to “73% (FY 2009)”
  • 4.A.2 Updated most recent result to FY 2010
  • 5.B.1 Updated most recent result 7,530 (FY 2010)
  • Rewrote 5.B.2: “The number of primary care providers who complete their education through HRSA's Bureau of Health Professions programs supported with FY 2010 Prevention and Public Health funding."

Appendix D

  • Updated Appendix D, which summarizes updates made after initial publication of the Strategic Plan in 2010.