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HHS Social Media Directory Submissions

If you manage an official account for any program in HHS that is not listed in our database, please send the requested information below to

Submission Request

Name of Account:


Category: [choose one or more of the categories listed below]
1. Agency Account
2. Grants & Funding
3. Spanish/ Espanol
4. Global Health
5. Family Services
6. Health Care
7. Public Health
8. Seniors
9. Youth
10. Medicare & Medicaid
11. Research
12. Mental Health
13. Regulations
14. Diseases & Conditions
15. Emergency Preparedness & Response

Suggested Tags: [list 1-4 relevant keywords, different from the categories above]

Feed type: [Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Blog/Flickr/Podcast/etc.]

Description of Account: [This should match what appears on your account and should tell users what kind of content they will find - 2-3 sentences is sufficient]

URL of Account:

Logo: [Please attach .jpg/.png image used as profile image - dimensions should be 75x75]

Handle (if Twitter):

Contact name: [Who manages the account? This information is for internal use only - this should be a Federal staff, if possible]

Office: [What office manages the account? No acronyms please!]

Allows Comments: [Blogs only - Yes/No]

Content created by Assist. Sec./Public Affairs - Digital Communications Division
Content last reviewed on April 28, 2014