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The Affordable Care Act and Your Community

Open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace is now closed for 2014. The next open enrollment period starts on November 15 with coverage beginning on January 1, 2015.

Only people who qualify for the special enrollment period can enroll from April to November 15 in the Marketplace. People generally qualify for the special enrollment period due to a qualifying life event or due to complex cases. It is important to contact the Marketplace call center at 1-800-318-2596 (TTY: 1-855-889-4325) within 60 days of the qualifying event.

Here are some examples of qualifying life events:

  • Marriage, having a baby, adopting a child or placing a child for adoption or foster care, moving your residence, gaining citizenship, leaving incarceration.
  • Losing other health coverage—due to losing job-based coverage, divorce, the end of an individual policy plan year in 2014, COBRA expiration, aging off a parent’s plan, losing eligibility for Medicaid or CHIP, and similar circumstances. Important: Voluntarily ending coverage doesn’t qualify you for a special enrollment period. Neither does losing coverage that doesn’t qualify as minimum essential coverage.
  • For people already enrolled in Marketplace coverage: Having a change in income or household status that affects eligibility for premium tax credits or cost-sharing reductions.
  • Gaining status as member of an Indian tribe. Members of federally recognized Indian tribes can sign up for or change plans once per month throughout the year.

There are also special enrollment periods for people with complex cases. More information on this issue can be found here:

The Medicaid program, which assists people with low incomes, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program are open for enrollment year round.


Health Care Law Toolkit for Faith and Community-Based Organizations

This toolkit will help faith and community leaders learn and educate others about the health care law. These materials can be used as bulletin inserts, at enrollment events and for other education and outreach efforts.

Download a condensed version of this health care law toolkit to use during the final weeks of open enrollment.

For more ACA outreach and educational materials, go to:

To order posters, applications and other materials on the health care law, go to:

For ACA outreach and educational materials in Spanish, go to:

Materiales Educativos En Español:

The Health Care Law 101 Webinar Schedule

The HHS Partnership Center hosts a series of interactive webinars for you to learn more about the main provisions of the health care law.

The Small Business Administration hosts webinars on the health care law and how it helps nonprofit organizations and small businesses.

Links for More Information - Information on the Health Insurance Marketplace; the website to enroll in health insurance starting October 1. - Spanish language website providing information on the Health Insurance Marketplace; the website to enroll in health insurance starting October 1. - Resources on the Health Insurance Marketplace. - Consumer information on the health care law. - Public policy and program information on the health care law. - Public policy and program information on the health care law. - Information on Mental Health and Substance Abuse and the health care law. - Information on how to locate a community health center. - Information on the Medicaid program that assists people with low incomes. - Information on the Medicare program that assists seniors and people with disabilities.


Educational Materials

Educational presentations on the health care law, including an online video explaining the main parts of the law, can be found at Fact sheets, brochures, videos, widgets and badges, articles, talking points and other resources can be found there as well.


Information on the Navigators, Certified Assistance Counselors, In-Person Assisters, Educator Programs

Learn more on Navigators, Certified Assistance Counselors, In-Person Assisters, Insurance Agents and Brokers


  • To access the funding opportunity announcement, visit:, and search for CFDA # 93.332.  
  • View the Navigator FOA Pre-Application Webinar Power Point Slides
  • Read the finalized regulations that update the requirements applicable to Navigators.
  • Learn more about Navigators

Certified Application Counselor (CAC) Program

Frequently Asked Questions on the Affordable Care Act:

News and Information

The Affordable Care Act is being implemented incrementally, in sections over time. Read the most recent news releases, blog posts and MyCare videos summarize major provisions of the law.