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The Affordable Care Act and Your Community

Open enrollment for 2015 is over. But if you owe a fee on your taxes for not having health coverage in 2014 and don’t yet have health coverage for 2015, you may still be able to get coverage this year.

In 2015, the fee for not having health coverage increases to $325 per person or 2% of your household income – whichever is higher. This fee generally applies if you can afford to have health coverage but choose to remain uninsured – although you may not have to pay the fee if you qualify for an exemption. If you don’t have coverage for the remainder of 2015, you’ll risk having to pay the fee again next year for the portion of the year you don’t have coverage.

The good news is that the Health Insurance Marketplace is providing individuals and families who are subject to the fee when they file their 2014 taxes with one last chance to get covered for 2015. In order to take advantage of this Special Enrollment Period, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. You didn’t know that the health care law required you and your household to have health coverage until after February 15, 2015, or you didn’t understand how that requirement would affect you or your family.
  2. You owe the fee for not having coverage for one or more months in 2014.
  3. You aren’t already enrolled in 2015 qualifying health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace or outside the Marketplace.

If all of these apply to you, you’re eligible for a Special Enrollment Period that allows you to enroll in a 2015 plan.

The tax Special Enrollment Period ends on April 30, 2015. Get started on, or contact the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596 to start your enrollment over the phone. Learn more about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Tax Provisions

Open enrollment starts again on November 1, 2015 with coverage beginning as early as January 1, 2016.

Join us in sharing the good news about the Health Insurance Marketplace on social media. “Like” us on Facebook and share our posts. Re-tweet our info-graphics and other informative posts on Twitter. And share our YouTube videos that explain the health care law in easy-to-understand terms. Finally, if you have enrolled in the Health Insurance Marketplace and it has benefited you, please share your story on our Story Banking Website.

We look forward to partnering with you in sharing information and resources about the health care law!


The Health Care Law 101 Webinar Schedule

The HHS Partnership Center hosts a series of interactive webinars for you to learn more about what to do now that you have coverage and how to enroll in health insurance if you are eligible for a Special Enrollment Period.

The Small Business Administration hosts webinars on the health care law and how it helps nonprofit organizations and small businesses enroll their employees in health insurance.


Health Care Law Toolkit for Faith and Community-based Organizations

This toolkit will help faith and community leaders learn and educate others about the health care law. These materials can be used as bulletin inserts, at enrollment events and for other education and outreach efforts.

Download a condensed version of this health care law toolkit.

Find more ACA outreach and educational materials.

To order posters, applications and other materials on the health care law from

Looking for applications for health insurance in many languages?   Get them through this page in CMS Marketplace Website


Faith Weekend of Action/Second Sunday Toolkit

The HHS Partnership Center and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services created the Faith Weekend of Action/Second Sunday Toolkit for faith and community organizations.  


Educational Materials

Educational materials on the health care law can be found at

A section on taxes and the health care law can be found on the website as well.. Applications for health insurance in multiple languages, fact sheets, articles, brochures, widgets and badges, talking points and other resources can be found there as well.

For people who are newly insured and looking for more information about what to do now that they have health insurance, a website has been created called From Coverage to Care. The website includes videos and a booklet in English and Spanish with eight steps that the newly insured person can take to live a long and healthy life. Materials are also available in Russian, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Haitian Creole and Vietnamese.

Order Coverage to Care materials like DVDs, posters, booklets and other materials for free from the website.


Links for More Information - Information on the Health Insurance Marketplace; the website to enroll in health insurance. - Spanish language website providing information on the Health Insurance Marketplace; the website to enroll in health insurance. - Resources on the Health Insurance Marketplace. - Social media on the health care law, including blogs, tweets and stories of people who now have health insurance. - Public policy and program information on the health care law. - Public policy and program information on the health care law. - Information on how to locate a community health center. - Information on the Medicaid program that assists people with low incomes. - Information on the Medicare program that assists seniors and people with disabilities.


Frequently Asked Questions on the Affordable Care Act:


News and Information

Read the most recent news releases, view blog posts, tweets and videos of people covered by the health care law.