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HHS is undertaking a number of special efforts that further the Open Government agenda.

Challenges & Competitions
Challenges and competitions are high-risk, high-reward policy tools that can foster collaboration and participation in government activities through the process of co-creation. As an inducement of participation, challenges and competitions may offer a variety of “prizes”, including cash, recognition, or the deployment of a winning solution.
HHS provides open access to health information and health datasets generated or held by the U.S. government. This is a one-stop resource for the growing ecosystem of innovators who are turning our data into new applications, services, and insights that can help improve health.

Health Data Initiative
HHS and the Institute of Medicine have launched a national initiative to help consumers and communities get more value out of the Nation’s wealth of health data.  Activities under the Health Data Initiative include the liberation of data, connecting data producers to IT developers, the Health Data Initiative Forum and support of the Health Data Affiliates.

HHS has begun exploring ways to bring entrepreneurial spirit to provide fresh, innovative approaches to agencies. HHS already has the strong assets and the leadership to create and develop new products; entrepreneurs aims to bring external ideas and expertise into HHS’s own innovation process and rapidly create, develop, engage and accelerate innovation.

HHSignite (beta)
HHSignite (beta) is an internal competitive funding opportunity to test new and unconventional ideas that are in early stage development at HHS. This initial pilot of HHSignite, open to all HHS employees, hopes to fund up to 8 highly innovative projects with budgets of $10,000 or less that can be completed within 6 months.

The HHSinnovates program was created as part of our Open Government efforts to celebrate innovation by employees of HHS.

Innovator In Residence Program
HHS and the West Health Institute launched a ground-breaking “Innovator in Residence” (IIR) Program. The IIR Fellow acts as a bridge to the entrepreneurial community to further the development of new health care-related applications and services.

mHealth Initiative
To explore ways to leverage innovative technology for public health, HHS has embarked on several mobile health (mHealth) initiatives that show great promise. HHS formed the Text4Health Task Force which wrote recommendations to guide HHS' strategic development of health text messaging and accelerate the growth of mHealth and health innovation.

Startup America
The President’s commitment to improve our health care system, anchored by the Affordable Care Act, is creating new opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs.

How Are We Doing?

Evaluating Our Progress

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