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V. Initial list of significant rules that are candidates for retrospective review pursuant to Executive Order 13563 over the next two years

Appendix A contains a preliminary list of regulations the agencies within the Department have identified as candidates for review over the next two years. These include the following categories of regulations:

  • Revisions intended to increase flexibility for the regulated community;
  • Revisions intended to reduce burdens;
  • Rescissions or revisions to streamline the regulatory process;
  • Revisions that may increase benefits or reduce costs;
  • NPRMs that may not proceed to final rules; and
  • Interim Final Rules that may be rescinded.

The list is only partially complete, as some initiatives have yet to be cleared through the necessary internal review and approval process. Nevertheless, the list provides insight into where the Department will focus its attention over the next two years as it moves forward to implement the retrospective review process.

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