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Title X Family Planning Services – Annual Progress Report Guidance

The Annual Progress Report is a brief description of the progress the project has made during the current budget period (year). The following format provides guidance for preparing the Annual Progress Report.

I. Project Background and Description

  1. Name of project, main location and partner agencies (e.g., delegates, if applicable).
  2. Include the current Title X award, the total number of services sites funded in the budget year, the total number of unduplicated clients, including breakouts for male and female clients.
  3. Brief summary of the program. 

II Summary of Accomplishments

  1. Include a copy of your work plan.
  2. For each objective which has been completed and those that are in progress, provide a status update, including numbers and financial figures if applicable.
  3. Identify any significant activities that will begin in the next budget period, providing a brief timeline, resources needed and other relevant elements.

III. Data collection

  1. Provide any challenges and identified needs regarding the collection of quantitative and qualitative data (FPAR, QA/QI data, other applicable data collection methods).
  2. Provide a brief description of the program’s plan to conduct any qualitative data collection in the next budget period.

IV. Program resources

  1. Provide an update regarding any changes in management personnel at the grantee level since the last reporting period.
  2. Provide a summary of any non-personnel resource issues (state/local policy issues, relationships with other primary care providers and other specialties, etc.).

V. Program Review Findings

  1. Provide a brief update regarding the resolution and/or progress toward resolution of any outstanding program review findings (if applicable).
  2.  The 12-month, end of the budget year “comprehensive” progress report should include information and data from the project’s activities which occurred after the submission of the project’s non-competing, continuation application through the end of the most recent budget year.  The comprehensive report is an update to the progress report submitted in the last non-competing, continuation (NC) application.  The version submitted for the NC application may be used, revising and updating information and data as appropriate. 
  3.  This “comprehensive” progress report is due 45 days following the end of the budget year.