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Title X Family Planning Services – Non-Competing Application Guidance January 2013

Annually, each grantee, with at least one full grant year remaining in their project period, must complete a non-competing, continuation application. This application has two parts: 1) The narrative, which includes the progress report (see Annual Progress Report Guidance for more information), details all of the activity from the beginning of the current budget period until four (4) months prior to the end of the current budget period and the upcoming budget year’s work plan – including updated goals, objectives, targets, etc.; and 2) The budget (424, 424a) and budget narrative. Non-Competing applications will be available in approximately 5 months prior to the start of the upcoming budget year and will be due 90 days prior to the beginning of the upcoming budget year.


The application narrative must be limited to no more than 25 double-spaced pages. The font should be no less than 12-point with 1-inch margins on all four sides of 8 1⁄2 x 11-inch pages. Pages that do not count toward the application narrative page limit include: the budget, the budget narrative and other forms and pages required as part of the online application process and/or inserted by (e.g., certifications, cover pages, etc.), all other pages not mentioned will count toward the narrative page limit. In addition, tables and charts may be single-spaced with a font no less than 10–point. Applications that exceed these parameters may not be accepted, possibly jeopardizing upcoming funding.

The application narrative should be concise and clearly identify the project’s impact, accomplishments and other information related to the project’s performance. The work plan for the upcoming budget year should include SMART objectives (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-framed) and highlight any modifications from the most recent approved work plan. The work plan should include targets for each identified objective for the upcoming budget year. The application should also be responsive to the current OPA Program Priorities and Key Issues (located on the OPA website).


The application should be submitted online, via Hard-copy submissions will not be accepted and should not be sent to the Office of Grants Management, the Office of Population Affairs or the Regional Office.


This continuation announcement is subject to the appropriation of funds. The actual amount available will not be determined until enactment of the FY 2013 federal budget.

Questions related to the submission of the Title X Family Planning Services – Non-competing Application should be directed to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH), Office of Grant’s Management (OGM), 240.453.8822. Questions related to programmatic issues should be directed to your project officer or regional program consultant (RPC).