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FY 2008 - Family Planning Male Research Cooperative Agreements

The Office of Population Affairs/Office of Family Planning (OPA/OFP) is funding its third round of research projects focusing on the family planning and related reproductive health needs of males. This round of research projects consist of five study sites and one coordinating center which will participate in a multi-site study testing a comprehensive family planning service delivery model for males.

These cooperative agreements, with close involvement from the OFP, will specifically address the provision of services to males in a culturally appropriate manner, integrated into a holistic approach for male health. The primary purpose of the male research cooperative agreement is to study the effectiveness of a three-tired comprehensive service delivery model aimed at increasing the number of males who access family planning and related preventive health services in clinical settings. The model's components include:

  1. restructuring the clinic environment;
  2. training clinical staff at all levels on the delivery of male services; and
  3. targeting community outreach and promotion of these services. The study will implement the model at several of their clinical sites and the coordinating center will assist in the development of the research protocol, train staff from each of the sites, collect data and conduct the evaluation.

The male research cooperative agreements have a project period of five years (2008 – 2013).

Study Sites: The study sites are tasked with direct implementation of the model described above at their clinical sites. Year one funding – $225,000/per site.

Bexar County Hospital District, University Health System – San Antonio, TX
Principal Investigator – Betty Vestal

Family Health Centers of San Diego, Inc. – San Diego, CA
Principal Investigator – Janet Adamian

Family Planning Council, Inc. – Philadelphia, PA
Principal Investigator – Tristan Ruby

Intermountain Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood of Montana – Billings, MT
Principal Investigator – Michele De Groat

Montachusett Opportunity Council – Fitchburg, MA
Principal Investigator – Mary Giannetti

Coordinating Center: The coordinating center is tasked with assisting in the development of the research protocol, training staff from each of the sites, collection of data and conducting the overall evaluation of the project. Year one funding – $375,000.

Center for Health Training – Austin, TX
Principal Investigator – Alfonso Carlon