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FY 2008 - Family Planning Service Delivery Improvement Research Awards

Integration of Family Planning Services into an STD Clinic Setting

Grantee Organization: Denver Health and Hospital Authority
Denver Public Health Department
Denver, CO
Principal Investigator:
Judith Shlay, M.D.
Project Period: 9/01/2008-8/31/2011

This study will investigate how providing integrated family planning with STD clinical services in an STD clinic affects quality of care, cost of services, staff duties, clinic flow, clients' family planning needs, satisfaction with services, and incidence rates of STDs and pregnancies. The study will specifically:

  1. assess the feasibility and replicability of the clinical processes used by clinicians to provide family planning services in an STD clinic setting;
  2. assess and compare the costs of providing family planning and STD services in separate clinical settings and through separate programs to the costs of an integrated program;
  3. establish computerized procedures to identify clients eligible for family planning services in an STD clinic;
  4. assess the need for family planning services among all clients seen for STD clinical services. In addition, the study will evaluate the effectiveness of a reminder system that notifies staff of a person's eligibility to receive family planning services; and compare rates of STDs and unintended pregnancies among clients seen in the clinic.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Outreach for Young Women of Color: A New Approach

Grantee Organization: The Trustees of Columbia University
Columbia University Health Sciences Center
New York, NY
Principal Investigator:
Debra Kalmuss, Ph.D.
Project Period: 9/01/2008 - 8/31/2011

The study will develop innovative and practical ways to embed sexual and reproductive (SRH) referrals, as well as promotional information and messages, into workforce development (WFD) programs; train WFD program staff to interview men about their use of and/or need for SRH care and how to make care referrals; train staff at Title X clinics how to enhance their facilities and services to be gender sensitive to men, based on the results of a male friendliness needs assessment; and implement and evaluate the efficacy and sustainability of the capacity building outreach model in promoting men's SRH utilization. The proposed research will occur with two WFD programs that serve low-income Hispanic and African-American males seeking new job training, and two Title X clinics.

Increasing Family Planning Utilization Among Hispanic Teen and Young Adult Women

Grantee Organization: Child Trends
Washington, DC
Principal Investigator:
Jennifer Manlove, Ph.D.
Project Period: 9/01/2008 - 8/31/2011

The specific aim for the project is to reduce the high rate of teen and unintended pregnancies among Hispanics in the U.S. This will be accomplished by using quantitative, qualitative and applied research methods to better assess who is or is not accessing family planning services and why. The project work will be performed in three stages. In Stage 1, the project will analyze family, individual, and community factors associated with the utilization of family planning services using data from several cycles of the National Survey of Family Growth. For Stage 2, focus groups will be conducted in three target cities with Hispanic female teens and young adults to gather group insights into their decisions to access or not access services. The project will also include three focus groups with clinics and service providers to discuss the challenges of reaching Hispanic clients. In Stage 3, project staff will work with a clinic or provider in each of the target cities to assess how the programs can use the study's findings; translate the findings; and construct implementation guidelines for the broader family planning practitioner community.