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Research Projects

The Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Programs (OAPP) is a leader in the field of adolescent sexual health and well-being. The OAPP contributes to this field of knowledge through the development of innovative grantee projects and through research. The OAPP works closely with the Office of Research and Evaluation to identify, award and monitor promising research projects. The Title XX statute authorizes research on the causes and consequences of adolescent premarital sexual activity, pregnancy and child rearing (Section 2008).

For more than three decades, the Adolescent Family Life (AFL) program has supported nearly 100 research grants addressing these important issues. AFL research projects are conducted in a variety of areas including parent involvement and communication, youth development, adoption, adolescent parents, impact of adolescent childbearing on family structure, and influences on adolescent premarital sexual behavior. These research projects provide important and valued information and data for the field of adolescent sexual health and well-being. As such, the OAPP is able to contribute to this field by providing access to new knowledge to better serve adolescents and their families.

Currently, the OAPP is funding the following research projects and special studies:

  • Assessment of the Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Research Program and Recommendations
  • National Evaluation of the Adolescent Family Life Care and Prevention Demonstration Grants

The most recent OAPP special studies included:

Dating Experiences among High Risk Youth: A first Glimpse at the Development of Project D.A.T.E.

  • Randomized Control Trial to Reduce Rapid Repeat Adolescent Pregnancy
  • Parenting among Mexican-origin Adolescent Mothers
  • Relationship Context and Adolescent Childbearing
  • Social Relationships, Identity, and Teen Sexuality
  • Impact of Parenting on Adolescent Sexual Risk
  • Female Adolescent Risk Behaviors
  • Evaluating the Title XX Adolescent Family Life (AFL) Program: Development of a Data Collection and Analysis System for AFL Program Evaluation
  • An Assessment of Parent Involvement Strategies in Programs Serving Adolescents
  • Youth Development Approaches in AFL Demonstration Projects

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