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About Title XX Grants

The AFL Program funds demonstration projects to address adolescent pregnancy prevention. The intent of the program is to reduce teen pregnancies by encouraging abstinence and to end the negative effects of too early child bearing by providing comprehensive services to pregnant and parenting adolescents and their families. In order to demonstrate more effective program results, the program developed several performance measures. These performance measures help to focus the priorities of the program and the grantees and will be tracked over the next several years.

There are currently 16 AFL care demonstration programs. All Care programs are innovative examples of effective and appropriate partnerships between community organizations and the Federal government. Most projects have developed components that reach out to fathers as well as teen mothers, encouraging and teaching them to play vital roles in their children's lives. Other projects are developing interventions to strengthen the relationship and familial support between the teen mother and her parents. These programs build on what is already known about preventing unhealthy risk behaviors and sexually transmitted diseases. They also enhance good parenting skills and help to reduce child abuse and neglect. All of these Care projects include a rigorous evaluation component to identify best practices for this population.