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Publications & Lessons Learned

Peer-Reviewed Publications

AFL grantees have published numerous research and evaluation findings over the past two decades. Current AFL grantees are encouraged to publish and disseminate their findings from their demonstration projects.

The Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Programs in collaboration with the Journal of Family Social Work (JFSW) released the publication entitled, "SPECIAL ISSUE: THE TITLE XX, ADOLESCENT FAMILY LIFE PROGRAM (AFL) - INTERVENTIONS FOR PREGNANT AND PARENTING ADOLESCENTS". [2011. July/August: JFSW, 14:4] This is the first collection of articles published by AFL Care grantees. This publication informs the field about the well-being of pregnant and parenting adolescents and interactions of teen mothers with their infants, parents and partners. The work of the seven AFL Care Demonstration grantees is listed below.


Predictors of Parenting and Infant Outcomes for Impoverished Adolescent ParentsExit Disclaimer
Melissa L. Whitson, Andrew Martinez, Carmen Ayala, and Joy S. Kaufman
(A free copy of this article is available for a limited time.)

Exploring Behavioral Intentions Among Young Mothers
Howard M. Turney, Pat Conway, Pam Plummer, Samuel E. Adkins, George Cliff Hudson, David X. McLeod, and Aileen Zafaroni

Parental Nurturance and the Mental Health and Parenting of Urban African American Adolescent Mothers
Amy Lewin, Stephanie Mitchell, Stacy Hodgkinson, Lori Burrell, Lee Beers, and Anne Duggan

Child Immunization Status Among a Sample of Adolescent Mothers: Comparing the Validity of Measurement Strategies
Clarissa Phillips, Sonia Cota-Robles, Margaret Knight, Judith Francis, Elizabeth Phillips, and Laurie Mazerbo

Patterns and Predictors of Involvement Among Fathers of Children Born to Adolescent Mothers
Amy Lewin, Stephanie J. Mitchell, Lori Burrell, Lee Beers, and Anne Duggan

Understanding Qualities of Positive Relationship Dynamics Between Adolescent Parents and Their School-Based Counselors
Holli M. Slater, Diane B. Mitschke, and Paul Douthit


Engaging High-Risk Young Mothers into Effective Programming: The Importance of Relationships and Relentlessness
Anisha Chablani and Elizabeth R. Spinney

Lessons Learned

AFL demonstration grantees have a great deal of experience in working with individuals, families, schools, and communities. Through these demonstration projects, AFL grantees have been able to be innovative and learn best practices. In the spring 2009, OAPP synthesized some of these lessons learned from both care and prevention grantees. Several key themes arose across grantees that can be helpful to others in planning their own projects for success.

  • Lessons Learned - Individuals and Communities (pdf, 20 kb) (html)
  • Lessons Learned - Sustainability (pdf, 15 kb) (html)
  • Lessons Learned - Barriers and Solutions (pdf, 17 kb) (html)