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AFL Care Programs - Lessons Learned

Lessons on Sustainability

Market your program effectively

  • It is important to ensure program visibility in the community.
  • Share positive results of the program with the community and with key partners.
  • Engage the local media regarding the issues and the services you offer to address them.
  • Document program development and implementation to assist with future replication efforts.

Be engaged in the community

  • Engage the community and other partners in your efforts so that they have an interest in your sustainability.
  • Make sure that you nourish those partnerships.
  • Program staff should be involved in community events and partner activities.
  • Provide opportunities for community partners to offer their services to program clients.
  • Develop an interagency collaboration to address needs of pregnant and parenting teens.
  • Collaborate with local schools for long-term programming.
  • Work with established universities and community partners to help with sustainability. Working with student interns reduces the cost of program implementation.

Be reliable, unique, and effective with what you do

  • Hire competent staff with different passions and expertise.
  • Design the project to be family and system focused.
  • Have an agency grant writer who continues to seek support for the program.
  • Diversify funding.

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