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Technical Assistance



The Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Programs (OAPP) emphasizes the importance of technical assistance and training to ensure that Adolescent Family Life (AFL) projects have well trained staff. OAPP's technical assistance objective is to improve the caliber, professionalism and skills of primarily front-line staff by providing skills-based training. Ultimately, the skills developed through technical assistance training workshops will build each AFL project and their staffs' capacity to implement the best demonstration programs possible by dealing with the unique and vast needs of program participants and program evaluations.

Each year, OAPP offers the most relevant training and topics for grantees that are responsive to grantees needs. The training calendar is re-visited often to ensure that the topics and modalities for trainings remain cutting edge and useful. For the 2011-2012 training year, we have identified several key training modalities for the benefit of the AFL grantees: face-to-face workshops; net conferences; e-learning modules; and collaboration with other training sources.

Technical Assistance Trainings

A variety of trainings are offered to AFL grantees. These trainings are provided in a variety of formats: face to face trainings, net and audio conference calls, and self directed modules. All trainings provide targeted and cutting edge resources to AFL grantees and the staff within those programs.

Policy and Registration

The Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Programs (OAPP) encourages AFL grantees to send appropriate staff to each OAPP sponsored workshops and training that is offered. AFL grantees have set aside funds in their budgets to attend these workshops and trainings. Full participation of AFL project staff is expected. In the event a project staff person is unable to attend the entire 1½ - 2 day workshop, the person is asked to notify their Project Director and the designated technical assistance representative stating the reason for the early departure. OAPP offers continuing education units for face to face workshops and certain e-learning modules. Participants wishing to receive a continuing education certificate must attend the entire training or complete the full module for credit.

Trainings are reserved for current AFL grantees only. You must REGISTER for each training and call ahead of time.

Face to Face Trainings

OAPP is sponsoring multiple trainings for AFL grantee staff throughout the year. These trainings are facilitated by leading experts in the field. Each 2 day training will include a train-the-trainers model and provide specific and applicable skills for attendees to take home with them. AFL prevention and care grantees have a different need, which is reflected in the trainings offered.

Net and Audio Conference Calls

OAPP sponsors several net and audio conference call trainings for AFL grantees. Through web interface, net and audio conference participants view slide presentations and listen to presenters through a telephone, computer, or both. These trainings are intended to be convenient to grantees so that participation can occur with no travel required. .

Grantees can see a list of trainings and register by clicking here. Please follow the registration directions carefully.

Self Directed Training

Self-directed trainings are available for AFL grantees to access at their leisure. Multiple trainings are available that cover a variety of relevant topics. AFL grantees can access these self-directed trainings by logging in here.

Archived Trainings

Since everyone can not participate in face to face trainings or net and audio conference calls when they are scheduled, OAPP makes the materials from these trainings available. AFL grantees can access some of the materials from past trainings and listen to the recorded net and audio conference calls. In order to access these resources and materials, please log in here.