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Core Evaluation Instruments

The Adolescent Family Life (AFL) Care Core Evaluation Instruments are for use by AFL demonstration projects funded under Title XX of the Public Health Service Act and administered by the Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Programs. Most questions have been drawn from large surveys, giving evaluators the ability to compare their data to national data. The instruments are intended to serve as a starting point to measuring the demonstration project; grantees are encouraged to use additional instruments in their evaluation designs to measure any unique aspects of their demonstration projects that are not covered by the core instruments. The instruments were recently revised and approved for use again through the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Researchers who are interested in using these instruments or the constructs within them should consult this codebook (pdf, 224 kb) to obtain information on the constructs, item sources, and tips for data analysis.

AFL Care Program Evaluation Instruments for download:

*DISCLAIMER: These core evaluation instruments are approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for use in Title XX Adolescent Family Life (AFL) demonstration project evaluations. AFL demonstration projects are required to use these evaluation instruments, in the format approved by OMB, into their independent evaluations. Information collections approved by OMB may not be substantially or materially modified without OMB review and approval of the modifications. Substantive or material modifications include: adding or deleting questions; changing the population subject to inquiry; reinterpreting compliance directives or other policy guidance; or meaningfully altering any aspect of the collection of information from that previously approved by OMB.

Entities other than AFL demonstration projects are welcome to use these core evaluation instruments, however, OMB approval of the evaluation instruments will no longer apply and the face page, which indicates that the instruments have been approved by OMB, must be removed.