Reports of the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research, 1974-78

July 25, 1975              Research on the Fetus [PDF 0.54MB]
                                                Appendix [PDF 41.38MB]

October 1, 1976         Research Involving Prisoners [PDF 0.83MB]
                                                Appendix [PDF 30.64MB]

March 14, 1977          Psychosurgery [PDF 1.06MB]
                                                Appendix [PDF 2.33MB]

April 8, 1977               Disclosure of Research Information Under FOIA [PDF 0.80MB]

September 6, 1977     Research Involving Children [PDF 1.73MB]
                                                Appendix [PDF 1.84MB]

February 2, 1978       Research Involving Those Institutionalized as Mentally Infirm  [PDF 1.75MB]
                                                Appendix [PDF 0.83MB]

September 1, 1978     Institutional Review Boards [PDF 1.79MB]
                                                Appendix [PDF 21.78MB]

September 30, 1978   Belmont Report [PDF 1.00MB]
                                                Appendix (vol. 1) [PDF 1.87MB]
                                                Appendix (vol. 2) [PDF 4.10MB]

September 30, 1978   Delivery of Health Services [PDF 3.46MB]
                                                Appendix [PDF 3.29MB]

September 30, 1978
Special Study on Implications of Advances in Biomedical and Behavioral Research  [PDF 20.67MB]


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