Draft Interim Guidance

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  1. Abbey Meyers on behalf of the Patient Community
  2. Ada Sue Selwitz and Gary Chadwick, Public Policy Committee, Elizabeth Bankert, President, Arena, Boston MA
  3. Ann J. Gellis, Associate Dean of Research,Indiana University, Bloomington
  4. Anonymous
  5. Anthony A. Frank, Vice President for Research and Information Technology, Colorado State University
  6. Airlie Cameron, Chair, IRB St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Center, NY, NY
  7. Bonnie Lee, Food and Drug Administration
  8. C. Judson King, Provost and Senior Vice President, University of California
  9. Charles, H. Kruger, Ph.D., Vice Provost and Dean of Research, Eugene A. Bauer,M.D., Vice President Stanford Medical Center, Stanford
  10. Chi Van Dang, M.D., Ph.D. Vice Dean for Resarch, John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
  11. David Antonuccio, Ph.D.
  12. David Korn on behalf of the AAMC
  13. David Korn on behalf of the AAMC--Follow-up Comment
  14. David Skorton, Vice President for Research,University of Iowa
  15. Don L. Jewett, Research Director, Abratech Corporation, CA
  16. Elliott Kulakowski, Ph.D., Society of Research Administrators, President, Arlington, VA
  17. Human Rights Committee, IRB, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
  18. James W. Maloy, PharmD, Executive Vice President, Drug Research and Analysis Corporation
  19. John K. McIver, Interim Vice Provost for Research, University of New Mexico
  20. Malcolm R. Parks, Asst. Vice Provost for Research, Univeristy of Washington
  21. Mary Ellen Sheridan, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Research, University of Chicago
  22. Mary J.C. Hendrix, Ph.D., FASEB, President and Robert R. Rich, M.D., FASEB, President-Elect
  23. Mealnie J. Loots, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Illinois
  24. Nancy King, Professor of Social Medicine, School of Medicine, UNC-Chapel Hill
  25. Nils Hasselmo, President, AAU, Katharina Philips, President, COGR and C.Peter Magrath, President, NASULGC
  26. Patricia Pearl O'Rourke, M.D.;Partners HealthCare, Boston, MA
  27. Paul Gelsinger
  28.    Letter from Abbey Meyers to Eric Meslin provided by Paul Gelsinger
  29. Paul K. Whelton, M.D., M.Sc., Senior Vice President for Health Sciences, Interim Dean, School of Medicine,Tulane University
  30. Paul M. Zeltzer, MD.,Neurooncologist, Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute, Cedars Sinai, Los Angeles, CA
  31. R. Timothy Mulcahy, Ph.D.,Associate Dean, Graduate School,Chair All Campus IRB, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  32. RD Smith
  33. Ruth Hilderbrand, Ohio Health, Grant Medical Center IRB
  34. Steven Peckman, Associate Director-Human Subjects, Office of Protection for Research Subjects, Research University of California, Los Angeles
  35. Theodore J. Cicero, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Research, Washington University, St. Louis
  36. Bernard Lo, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Director, Program in Medical Ethics, UCSF, San Franciso, CA
  37. Howard Mann, M.D. Chairman Human Subjects and Research Committee Intermountain Health Care, Salt Lake City, UT
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Updated April 2, 2001