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Biography Marsha S. McLaughlin

Marsha S. McLaughlin is the Director of the Department of Planning and Zoning for Howard County, which has been one of the fastest growing jurisdictions in Maryland for the past three decades. Trained as a land planner, Ms. McLaughlin has worked in Howard County since 1988, initially as Chief of the Land Development Division. In her current capacity, she directed development of both the County’s General Plan 2000 which establishes policies to promote senior housing, and implementing amendments to County Zoning Regulations in 2001.

Ms. McLaughlin has extensive experience working with developer, homebuilder and community interest groups to enhance communication, find common goals and identify creative solutions to planning and development problems.

With a Masters of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning from the University of Massachusetts, Ms. McLaughlin has broad expertise in planning and design. Previous work has included downtown redevelopment, growth management and tourism development projects in Baltimore, California and the U.S. Virgin Islands. She has taught graduate school courses in landscape architecture, planning and land-use law and is a frequent program presenter to student, professional and community organizations regarding various aspects of land planning policy and practice.

Last Revised: June 17, 2004