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Enteprise Performance Life Cycle Stage Gate Reviews

Stage Gate Reviews are required at the end of each phase to provide for independent review and approval of key elements of the IT project’s development or operation. Stage Gate Reviews consist of an independent confirmation by Critical Partners to the IT governance organization that Project Managers satisfactorily produced all the required deliverables and adequately met all exit criteria for the phase to permit advancement to the next phase. The Project Manager is also responsible for providing documentation of known issues and plans to mitigate the risks, if any.

The emphasis of Stage Gate Reviews is on:

  • The successful accomplishment of the phase objectives.
  • The plans for the next life cycle phase.
  • The risks associated with moving into the next life cycle phase.

Document Name: Stage Gate Review
Template: DOC
Practice Guide: PDF

For questions regarding the Stage Gate Review please contact your OPDIV EPLC Workgroup. If you don't know your OPDIV contact please e-mail the HHS EPLC Group at

Content last reviewed on June 30, 2014