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Office of Acquisition and Management Policy (OAMP)

The Office of Acquisition Management and Policy (OAMP) provides management direction and leadership for HHS business practices, including acquisition, logistics and travel policy. The office provides Department-wide leadership in these areas through policy development, performance measurement and training. It represents the Department when dealing with OMB, GAO, other Federal agencies and Congress in the areas of acquisition, logistics and travel. OAMP also fosters creativity and innovation in the administration of these functions throughout the Department. OAMP integrates technology, talented and experienced staff, and sound business practices to offer mission-oriented and cost-effective risk management in the Department's business areas of acquisition, logistics and travel. The Office is headed by the Deputy Assistant Secretary and consists of the following components*: Immediate Office, Division of Acquisition Policy, Division of Acquisition Program Support, Division of Logistics Policy and Programs, and Division of Travel Policy and Programs.


*This organizational structure has been in effect since 10/01/07.  However, please note that the structure has not been published in the Federal Register, nor has it been approved by the Union.