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U.S. National Vaccine Plan

Cover of the 2010 National Vaccine Plan.Established in 2010, the National Vaccine Plan (NVP) is the nation’s leading roadmap for a 21st century vaccine and immunization enterprise. The NVP articulates a comprehensive strategy to enhance all aspects of vaccination, through the following five overarching goals:

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Goal 1: Develop new and improved vaccines

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Goal 2: Enhance the vaccine safety system

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Goal 3: Support communications to enhance informed vaccine decision-making

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Goal 4: Ensure a stable supply of, access to, and better use of recommended vaccines in the United States

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Goal 5: Increase global prevention of death and disease through safe and effective vaccination

Mid-Course Review

Many factors may affect the ability to achieve National Vaccine Plan objectives. Opportunities may emerge that facilitate rapid progress and achievement of objectives sooner than anticipated. On the other hand, existing challenges and barriers may be more difficult to overcome than anticipated and new challenges may emerge. Recognizing these uncertainties, NVPO in coordination with the National Vaccine Advisory Committee, will conduct a mid-course review of the Plan after five years, in 2015, allowing changes to be made which respond to the reality of the environment. Modified indicators, strategies, actions, and milestones will guide subsequent annual evaluation through the overall ten-year horizon of the Plan.

Provide Your Input!

As part of the mid-course review of the NVP, NVPO is requesting feedback regarding the priorities, goals, and objectives within the NVP, significant accomplishments since 2010, remaining gaps, and perspectives on priorities of the vaccine and immunization community for the remaining years of the NVP (2016-2020).

Our stakeholders are making important contributions towards the success of the NVP. NVPO is requesting your feedback to help inform the NVP mid-course review.

Take the survey exit site disclaimer

Information collection sponsored by the NVPO required for the purposes of informing the National Vaccine Program and the National Vaccine Plan is not subject to Chapter 35 of title 44, United States Code [the Paperwork Reduction Act] as indicated in 42 U.S.C. 300aa-1 note (section 321 of Public Law 99-660).

Stakeholder Input

Recognizing that success requires coordinated efforts from the public and private sectors, a series of stakeholder meetings were convened in the fall of 2011. These meetings provided a forum for individual stakeholder input on meeting the goals in the 2010 National Vaccine Plan for specific topics and populations. In conjunction with the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, a summary of the findings from these stakeholder meetings is available as a companion document to the Implementation Plan.

Annual Reports

Additional Resources

Content last reviewed on September 30, 2015