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The National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC)

Webcast of February 4, 2009 Vaccine Safety Working Group Meeting

The of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee, NVAC) has sought broad public input into the scientific research agenda that is being developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Immunization Safety Office (ISO).

At its , the NVAC Vaccine Safety Working Group discussed outcomes and issues highlighted in three public engagement sessions held earlier in Birmingham, Alabama; Ashland, Oregon; and Indianapolis, Indiana. A summary of the written comments sent to HHS on the CDC ISO research agenda was also discussed.



Bernard Richard, Indianapolis, IN

Overview: Why did you attend a community meeting about vaccine saftey?

Duration: 2:12 minutes (Captioned Video)
You will need Flash ( installed on your computer in order to view the video.

Tracy Cron, Birmingham, AL

Tracy Cron, Birmingham, AL - 1:47 minutes

Toni DiLeo, Ashland, OR

Toni DiLeo, Ashland, OR - 2:23 minutes

Bernard Richard, Indianapolis, IN

Bernard Richard, Indianapolis, IN - 2:12 minutes

Andy Pavia, MD, Chair, NVAC Vaccine Safety Working Group

Andy Pavia, MD, Chair, NVAC Vaccine Safety Working Group - 1:24 minutes