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The National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC)

Hubert H. Humphrey Building - Room 800
200 Independence Ave, SW - Washington DC
September 15-16, 2009
Final Agenda

Webcast: Tuesday, September 15th
Webcast: Wednesday, September 16th
Letter from the Chair to the Assistant Secretary for Health RE: NVAC - September 15-16, 2009 Meeting [PDF - 28.7KB]




Tuesday, September 15, 2009

9:00 am

Opening Session
   Report of the Chair
   Introduction of New Members
   Approve Committee Minutes

Dr. Gus Birkhead (Chair, NVAC) (PDF - Chair Report)

9:30 am

Vaccine Finance Implementation Plan

CDR Angela Shen (NVPO) (PDF - Vaccine Finance Plan)

10:00 am

Adult Immunization Implementation Plan

CAPT Ray Strikas (NVPO) (PDF - Adult Immunization - Implementation, PDF - Adult Immunization - Draft Plan, )

10:30 am

Financial Considerations for Adult Immunization Recommendations  

CAPT Ray Strikas (NVPO) (PDF - Adult Immunization - Financial

10:45 am

    - Break -


11:00 am

Vaccine Safety Working Group - Charge 2 Update

Dr. Marie McCormick (NVAC) (VSWG - Update)

11:30 am

Welcome: HHS/Swearing-In New Members

Dr. Koh (ASH/HHS)

12:00 pm

   - Lunch -


1:00 pm

National Vaccine Plan

   Update on Status of Strategic Plan

   Role for NVAC


CAPT Ray Strikas (NVPO) (NVP - Status)
Dr. Kristy Morganti (RAND)
Dr. Gus Birkhead (NVAC)

2:30 pm

    - Break -


3:00 pm

Adolescent Immunization Implementation Plan

CAPT Abby Sheffer(CDC) (PDF - Adolescent Vaccination, PDF - Adolescent Implementation)

3:30 pm



   Liaison Members (if there is relevant information to report)



Dr. Bruce Gellin
CAPT Melinda Wharton
Dr. Carol Baker
Dr. Tanya Raggio
Dr. Geoff Evans
Ms. Magdalena Castro-Lewis
Dr. José Romero
Dr. George Curlin
Dr. Jeffrey Kelman
Dr. Limone Collins
Dr. Ronald Valdiserri
Dr. Carter Diggs
Dr. Rick Hill

5:00 pm

Public Comment


5:30 pm

   - Adjourn -


7:00 pm

Adult Immunization Working Group (WG members only)
Integrating Finance Considerations
(Residence Inn Capitol)

CAPT Ray Strikas (NVPO)





Wednesday, September 16, 2009

8:30 am

Seasonal Influenza - Flu Summit

Dr. Litjen Tan (NVAC/AMA) (PDF - Seasonal Flu Summit)

8:50 am

Influenza Communication Plan (Seasonal & H1N1)

Dr. Kris Sheedy (CDC)
Ms. Stephanie Marshall (NVPO) (PDF - Vaccination Communication Plan)

9:30 am

2009 H1N1 Influenza Update*

   Introduction (PDF - H1N1 Guidance Documents)
   National Framework/PCAST
   Situation Report
   Vaccine Development
   Clinical Trials Update (PDF - H1N1 Clinical Trials)

   Vaccine Program Planning/Implementation
   Public Engagement

   State and Local Response Role

   Vaccine Financing (recommendation implementation)
   Vaccine Safety/H1N1 Subgroup
   Countermeasure Injury Compensation Program

                     Discussion (30 min)

Dr. Gus Birkhead (NVAC)
Dr. James Lawler (White House)
RADM Anne Schuchat (CDC) (PDF - H1N1 CDC Update)
Dr. Robin Robinson (BARDA)
Dr. Linda Lambert (NIH) (PDF - H1N1 NIH Trials)
Dr. Matthew Fenton (NIH) (PDF - H1N1 NIH Trials - Spec. Popul.)
CAPT Jay Butler (CDC) (PDF - H1N1 Vaccine Planning)
Dr. Roger Bernier (CDC) (PDF - H1N1 Public Engagement)
Ms. Heather Bergman (Keystone)
Ms. Claire Hannan (AIM)
Dr. Paul Jarris (ASTHO)
Dr. Anne Bailowitz (NACCHO) (PDF - H1N1 NACCHO)
CDR Angela Shen (NVPO) (PDF - H1N1 Vaccine Financing)
Dr. Dan Salmon (NVPO) (PDF - H1N1 Vaccine Safety)

CAPT Vito Caserta (HRSA) (PDF - H1N1 CICP)

1:15 pm

Public Comment


1:30 pm

   - Adjourn -