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The National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC)

National Vaccine Advisory Committee
Teleconference Meeting Agenda: 2009 H1N1 Influenza Outbreak and Response
Monday, August 24, 3 - 5 pm EDT

Letter from the Chair to the Assistant Secretary for Health, RE: NVAC - August 24, 2009 Meeting [PDF - 16KB]



Introduction (5 minutes)

Dr. Gus Birkhead (NVAC)

Federal H1N1 Vaccination Program Implementation Update (65 minutes)
   Introduction (5 min)
   Vaccine Development (5 min)
   HHS Communication Plan (15 min)
       Recommendation (DOC - 22KB)
   Vaccine Safety WG/ H1N1 Subgroup (20 min)
       Recommendation (DOC - 31KB)
       Implementation Plan
   Vaccine Financing – Implementation of Recommendations (10 min)
   Vaccine Program Planning/Implementation (10 min)

Dr. Beth Bell (CDC)
Dr. Robin Robinson (BARDA)
Ms Jenny Backus (HHS/ASPA)

Dr. Marie McCormick (WG Co-Chair)

Dr. Dan Salmon (NVPO)
Dr. Bruce Gellin
Dr. Jay Butler (CDC) (PPT)

State and Local Response Role (15 minutes)

Ms. Claire Hannan
Ms. Anna Buchanan
Dr. Anne Bailowitz (PPT)

Federal Advisory Committees Updates (5 minutes)
   ACIP :
* available for questions (no presentation)

Dr. Dale Morse*

Dr. John Modlin*

Dr. Patricia Quinlisk

Public Comment: 10 minutes


Discussion/Potential Vote(s): 15 minutes


Summary/wrap-up/Next Steps: 5 minutes


Call (202) 690-5566 or e-mail: with questions