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The National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC)

National Vaccine Advisory Committee
Hubert H. Humphrey Building — Room 800
200 Independence Ave, SW — Washington DC
June 2-3, 2009
Final Agenda

Letter from the Chair to the Assistant Secretary for Health, RE: NVAC – May 7, 2009 and June 2-3, 2009 Meetings [PDF - 18KB]
Federal Register Notice (PDF - 51 KB)

Minutes (DOC 227KB)




Tuesday, June 2

9:00 am

Opening Session
   Report of the Chair

Dr. Gus Birkhead (Chair, NVAC) (PDF - Chair Report)

9:45 am

Welcome: HHS

Dr. Donald Wright (P-DASH/HHS)

10:00 am

Vaccine Safety Working Group

   Recommendations (Draft ISO Scientific Agenda)

   Discussion and Voting on Proposed Recommendations

   Public Comment

Dr. Andy Pavia (NVAC) (PDF - VSWG)

11:30 am

National Children's Study Overview
InterAgency Work Group to Address Content of National Children's Study

CAPT Ken Schoendorf (NIH) (PDF - NCS NIH)
Dr. Dan Salmon (NVPO) (PDF - IAWG NCS)

12:00 pm

   — Lunch —


1:00 pm

Adult Immunization Working Group Recommendations
   Discussion and Voting on Proposed Recommendations

Dr. Richard Clover (NVAC) (PDF - Adult Immunization)

2:00 pm

Financial Considerations for Adult Immunization Recommendations (PDF - Adult Immunization Recommendations)

CAPT Ray Strikas (NVPO) (PDF - Adult Immunization-Financial)

2:30 pm

    — Break —


2:50 pm

Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Outbreak and Response

   Vaccine Development
   Vaccine Planning Assumptions
   Vaccine Safety

   State and Local Response Role

   Role of Federal Advisory Committees

Dr. Gus Birkhead (NVAC)
RADM Anne Schuchat (CDC) (PDF - H1N1: CDC)
Dr. Robin Robinson (BARDA) (PDF - H1N1: BARDA)
CDR Tom Shimabukuro (CDC) (PDF - H1N1: CDC)
Dr. Daniel Salmon (NVPO) (PDF - H1N1: Safety)
Dr. Hector Izurieta (FDA) (PDF - H1N1: Safety-FDA)
CAPT Melinda Wharton (CDC) (PDF - H1N1: Safety-CDC)
Dr. Paul Jarris
Dr. Anne Bailowitz (PDF - H1N1: NACCHO)
Claire Hannan

Dr. Dale Morse /Dr. Larry Pickering
Dr. Jose Romero/Dr. Norman Baylor
Dr. Mike Oxman
Dr. Andy Pavia/CAPT Leigh Sawyer (PDF - H1N1: NBSB)
Dr. Gus Birkhead/Dr. Bruce Gellin

5:30 pm

Discussion & Public Comment


6:00 pm

   — Adjourn —





Wednesday, June 3

8:30 am




Dr. Bruce Gellin
RADM Anne Schuchat
Dr. Dale Morse
Dr. Geoff Evans
Ms. Magdalena Castro-Lewis
Dr. Norman Baylor
Dr. José Romero
Dr. Barbara Mulach
COL Renata Engler
Dr. Ronald Valdiserri
Dr. Wayne Rawlins

9:30 am

Influenza Vaccine Use — 2008-2009

Dr. Katherine Harris (RAND Corporation) (PDF - Influenza: RAND)

10:00 am

National Vaccine Plan/IOM: Update on Plan and Insight on Public Engagement

CAPT Ray Strikas (NVPO) (PDF - Plan Update)
Michelle Schaur (ORISE) (PDF - Plan ORISE)

10:45 am

   — Break —


11:00 am

NVAC Evaluation — Summary Report

Dr. Jeanne Ringel (RAND Corporation) (PDF - NVAC Eval)

12:00 pm

Vaccine Financing: Insurance Premiums for Routine Immunizations

Rose Chu (ASPE) (PDF - Insurance Premiums)

12:30 pm

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Vaccines

Dr. Beth Bell (CDC) (PDF - ARRA)

1:00 pm

Discussion and Public Comment


1:15 pm

    — Adjourn —