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HHS HealthBeat (February 6, 2013)

Your eye to your brain

A doctor examines a patient’s eyes.

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More about Glaucoma

From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, I’m Nicholas Garlow with HHS HealthBeat.

Glaucoma is a group of diseases that can damage your optic nerve, which transmits visual information from your eye to your brain. When the optic nerve is damaged, vision problems can occur.

James Tsai at the Yale School of Medicine is chair of the Glaucoma Subcommittee for the National Eye Health Education Program.

“Sometimes, patients will complain of some eye discomfort, but the scary thing about glaucoma is often times, patients do not have any warning signs or symptoms.”

African Americans ages 40 and older, all people ages 60 and older, and people with a family history of glaucoma, are at higher risk.

Once the damage is done, it cannot be repaired. You should visit an eye care professional every one to two years for a dilated eye exam.

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HHS HealthBeat is a production of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. I’m Nicholas Garlow.

Last revised: February 6, 2013