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ICNAA Member Agencies

HHS Divisions





Immediate Office of the Secretary/
Chief of Staff
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is the United States government’s principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves.Sally Howard
Chief of Staff
Tim Gramholm
Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff
Immediate Office of the Secretary/
Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs
IEA facilitates communication regarding HHS initiatives as they relate to state, local, and tribal governments.Paul Dioguardi
IEA Director
Assistant Secretary for Administration
ASA provides leadership for HHS departmental management, including human resource policy and departmental operations.Ned Holland
Assistant Secretary
Diane Stewart
Senior Leader, OFMP/ASA
Assistant Secretary for Financial Resources
ASFR provides advice and guidance to the Secretary on budget, financial management, acquisition policy and support, grants management, and the small business programs and to provide for the direction and coordination of these activities throughout the Department.Ellen Murray
Assistant Secretary
Norris Cochran
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary for Health
ASH serves as the Secretary's primary advisor on matters involving the nation's public health and the Public Health Service.Howard Koh
Assistant Secretary
Garth Graham
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health (Minority Health)
Assistant Secretary for Legislation
ASL Serves as the primary link between the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) and Congress.Jim Esquea
Assistant Secretary
Douglas Steiger
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs
ASPA serves as the Secretary's principal counsel on public affairs matters, provides centralized leadership and guidance for public affairs activities within the Department, and administers the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.Dori Salcido
Acting Assistant Secretary
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs
Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
ASPE is the principal advisor to the Secretary on policy development and is responsible for policy coordination, legislation development, strategic planning, policy research and evaluation, and economic analysisSherry Glied
Assistant Secretary
Donald Moulds
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary for  Preparedness and Response
ASPHEP serves as the Secretary's principal advisor on matters related to bioterrorism and other public health emergencies.Nicole Lurie
Assistant Secretary
Clare Helminiak
Deputy Director  
Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
The Partnership Center leads the department's efforts to build and support partnerships with faith-based and community organizations in order to better serve individuals, families and communities in need.Alexia Kelley
Ari Schoenholtz
Special Assistant to the Director
Departmental Appeals Board
DAB provides prompt, fair, and impartial dispute resolution services to parties in many different kinds of disputes involving components of HHS.Constance B. Tobias
Karen Robinson
Special Assistant to Chair  
Office for Civil Rights
OCR promotes and ensures that people have equal access to and opportunity to participate in and receive services in all HHS programs without facing unlawful discrimination.Georgina Verdugo
Dylan DeKervor
Equal Opportunity Specialist  
Office on Disability (OD)OD oversees the implementation and coordination of programs and policies that enhance the health and well-being of people with disabilities across all ages, races, and ethnicities.Henry Claypool DirectorRosaly Correa-de-Araujo Deputy Director
Office of the General Counsel
OGC provides quality representation and legal advice on a wide range of highly visible national issues.William B. Schultz
General Counsel
Julia Pierce
Deputy Assistant General Counsel IHS  
Office of Global Health Administration
OGHA represents the Department to the governments, other Federal Departments and agencies, international organizations and the private sector on international and refugee health issues.Nils Daulaire
Craig Shapiro
Director, Office of the Americas  
Office of Health Reform
OHR will spearhead the department’s efforts to pass urgently needed health reform this year and coordinate closely with the White House Office of Health Reform. Mike Hash
Mayra Alvarez
Director of Public Health Policy
Office of the Inspector General
OIG protect the integrity of HHS programs, as well as the health and welfare of the beneficiaries of those programs.Daniel Levinson
Inspector General
Melinda Golub
General Attorney

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Content last reviewed on May 2, 2014