Project Summary

The Million Hearts Risk Check Challenge invited developers to create a mobile app that will help consumers take a heart health risk assessment, find places to get their blood pressure and cholesterol checked and use the results to work with their health care professional to develop a plan to improve their heart health as part of the public-private Million Hearts initiative.

Project Team

Pierce Graham-Jones

Project Details

The Million Hearts Risk Check Challenge asked developers to create a new consumer app that informs consumers of their general heart risk, motivates them to obtain a more accurate risk assessment by entering their blood pressure and cholesterol values, and directs them to nearby community pharmacies (and other locations) offering affordable and convenient blood pressure and cholesterol screenings.

Participating developers had access to two sources of content that should markedly shape the development of the app:

  1. A new Application Programming Interface (API) for conducting the quick health risk assessment over a consumer-facing interface, hosted by Archimedes and built using their Indigo product.
  2. Locations (and specific descriptors) of places where individuals can go for a lipid and blood pressure screening, made available through flat files from Million HeartsTM and a new API hosted by Surescripts.

The Innovator-in-Residence worked with the Office of the National Coordinator, Surescripts and others to launch and manage the challenge. First place when to the Health Health Mobile app by Marshfield Clinic.

Additional Information


Established in 2012, the Innovator-in-Residence Program brings new ideas and expertise into HHS programs through collaboration between the Department of Health and Human Services and private sector not-for-profit organizations. To date, the HHS IDEA Lab has partnered with the West Health Institute to take on the issue of health care cost and the Healthcare Information and Management System Society to address the issue of patient matching.