Project Summary

Navigating grant requirements can be challenging, particularly when forms are complex and staff turnover is high. The Tribal Child Welfare Team within the Administration for Children and Families Region VI Children’s Bureau has made it easy by creating a solution for improved accessibility to title IV-B grant funds.

Project Team

Team Members
Nanette Bishop, ACF
Dana Huckabee, ACF

Project Details

The Tribal Child Welfare Team within the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Region VI Children’s Bureau created a solution for improved accessibility to title IV-B grant funds (non-competitive grant to serve Indian families and children who are at risk of abuse and neglect). This process included developing improved relationships with Tribal grantees to better understand how the processes and forms could be improved to match their needs.

Without this streamlined procedure to apply for title IV-B funds, many Tribal directors would not have the time or resources to apply. The new templates are user-friendly, are written in clear and concise language and have helped improve transparency in the application process.

The new templates also allow Tribes to make updates into the same document each year. This process allows for any new directors to review an entire five year cycle and update the document with information about what has happened in their program each year. This new approach minimizes the risk of losing funding because of staff turnover.

Since implementation two years ago, nearly all of the 67 recognized Tribes within the states of Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico are taking advantage of title IV-B funding.


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