Project Summary

The National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report (QDR) is an annual report from AHRQ to Congress on trends in the quality of health care provided to the American people and the prevailing disparities in health care delivery for priority populations: women, children, racial and ethnic minorities, populations with special health care needs (chronic illness, disabilities, and end of life care needs), the elderly, low-income, inner-city, and rural populations. The QDR tracks and reports on more than 250 health care measures from more than 45 data sources. It currently takes more than a year to produce these annual reports of data. Additional lags in the survey data collection and release process limit the usefulness of the resulting report. This team proposes to discover the actionable health care quality and disparities measures our customers need and to make sure the data are understood and used to make health care higher quality and equitable.

Project Team

Team Members
Elizabeth Bishop (Project Lead), AHRQ
Karen Chaves, AHRQ
Veronica Soileau, AHRQ
Hashini Khajuria, CDC

Project Lead’s Supervisor
Ernest Moy, Medical Officer, Center for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, AHRQ

Technical Advisor
Kristann Orton, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, ASPA

Project Details

Coming soon. Teams are in the middle of developing and iterating on their projects.


HHS Ignite is an “incubator for new ideas” run out of the HHS IDEA Lab. Selected teams are introduced to startup methodologies for problem identification and project implementation. In the entrepreneurial spirit, Ignite projects are iterative, their impacts measurable, and their solutions scalable. This is one of 11 projects in Ignite’s second round which began on June 9, 2014 and goes until mid-September 2014.