Project Summary

The Office of Inspector General is pursuing 170-plus fugitives who have defrauded Medicare, Medicaid, and taxpayers of hundreds of millions of dollars. Focusing attention on these health care criminals via the Most Wanted Health Care Fugitives Website effectively harnesses a previously untapped resource: the public.

Project Team

Team Members
Roberta Baskin, OIG
Erin Fuchs, OIG
Jessica Long, OIG

Project Details

The Most Wanted Health Care Fugitives Initiative is the Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) first-ever fugitives website and the first Federal Government listing focusing solely on criminals wanted for health care fraud.

In the Initiative’s first year, 10 fugitives were captured and held responsible for stealing millions of dollars. An international fugitive even turned himself in after discovering himself on the Most Wanted list. Hundreds of stories have appeared in print, radio, and on the three major television networks. Five other Inspectors General inquired about pursuing the idea. Most important, OIG has joined forces with American citizens to more effectively rid the Federal health care system of fraud.

OIG special agents, even with the help of other federal law enforcement partners, cannot be on every U.S. street corner, so tips are essential. The Most Wanted Fugitives website is updated frequently with new fugitive photos and profiles; a 24/7 hotline collects public tips. A newly redesigned website, the use of new media, traditional media outreach, and other communication tools keep the public informed of OIG’s fraud-fighting efforts.

In an era of fiscal belt-tightening, the Most Wanted Fugitives website reassures taxpayers the Government will catch those who scam the system while deterring others from doing the same.

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