Project Summary

Hospitals of the Indian Health Service (IHS) have constant issues of long wait times and an overcrowded Emergency Department. Meanwhile, due to limited resources and lack of availability of clinical appointments, many tribal patients use the Emergency Department of IHS hospitals as walk-in clinics. A new process or system could allow patients to get routed very quickly to the appropriate clinic, pharmacy, med tech, or other area of the hospital. This team will pilot the use of a new system or process in the Whiteriver Indian Hospital, a rural IHS hospital located in the White Mountains of Arizona serving approximately 17,000 tribal members.

Project Team

Team Members
Marliza Rivera (Project Lead), IHS
Alysia Cardona, IHS
Jose Burgos, IHS

Project Lead’s Supervisor
Willadine Hughes, Quality Management Director, Whiteriver Indian Hospital, Whiteriver, AZ

Technical Advisor
Nag Murty, Innovator-in-Residence, HHS IDEA Lab

Project Details

Coming soon. Teams are in the middle of developing and iterating on their projects.


HHS Ignite is an “incubator for new ideas” run out of the HHS IDEA Lab. Selected teams are introduced to startup methodologies for problem identification and project implementation. In the entrepreneurial spirit, Ignite projects are iterative, their impacts measurable, and their solutions scalable. This is one of 11 projects in Ignite’s second round which began on June 9, 2014 and goes until mid-September 2014.