Project Summary

CMS conducts nation-wide educational efforts around the Health Care Marketplaces. There are a variety of collaboration tools that CMS makes available specifically to enable remote collaboration among staff. However, there are no widely adopted systems or processes that successfully achieve both collaboration between staff and evaluation of outreach efforts. This team proposes to identify technical solutions and systematic approaches to improve internal communications, project management and collaboration.

Project Team

Team Members
Stefanie Costello, CMS
Jermaine Burkhalter, CMS
Jon Langmead, CMS
Renee Boucher, CMS

Project Lead’s Supervisor
Susie Butler, Director, Partner Relations Group, Office of Communications, CMS

Technical Advisor
Mark Monterastelli, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, HHS Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT

Project Details

Coming soon. Teams are in the middle of developing and iterating on their projects.


HHS Ignite is an “incubator for new ideas” run out of the HHS IDEA Lab. Selected teams are introduced to startup methodologies for problem identification and project implementation. In the entrepreneurial spirit, Ignite projects are iterative, their impacts measurable, and their solutions scalable. This is one of 11 projects in Ignite’s second round which began on June 9, 2014 and goes until mid-September 2014.