Project Summary

The Administration for Community Living (ACL) wants to explore how the aging and disability communities are using technology and new media to learn about and manage services.

Project Team

Internal Entrepreneurs
Scott Cory, ACL
Jason Bennett, ACL

External Entrepreneurs
Danny Boice

Project Details

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ACL brings together the efforts and achievements of the Administration on Aging, the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and the HHS Office on Disability to serve as the Federal agency responsible for increasing access to community supports, while focusing attention and resources on the unique needs of older Americans and people with disabilities across the lifespan.

ACL recognizes that digital media has changed the way people communicate. ACL wants to explore how the aging and disability communities, including their families and caregivers, communicate using technology and new media. We believe that there are successful examples of how people use mobile media and social media to inform and enable choices in services beyond which ACL’s current tools, such as the Eldercare Locator, currently support.

ACL will undertake a project to survey the current state of communications in the aging and disabled communities and will develop at least one pilot system to demonstrate the ways in which technology and new media can improve communication and decision making in the aging and disability communities.


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