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Last update: 04/09/2014 9:00am ET

HHS Ventures is managed by the HHS IDEA Lab within the Office of the Deputy Secretary and managed by the HHS Chief Technology Officer. HHS Ventures currently has $100,000 to obligate in FY2014 towards innovation activities within the Department and as determined by the Secretary. In addition to these funds, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has committed an additional $50,000 to support projects through the HHS Ventures mechanism.

HHS Ventures teams are able to request up to $50,000 to go towards implementing their project. Applicants are asked to submit an “Essay / Proposal” not to exceed 10,000 characters. Among the information included in this Essay should be a reiteration of the requested dollar amount and a justification for this requested dollar amount. The justification should delineate specific tools and/or services and their costs. Teams that make it into the second stage of the Ventures selection process may be asked to provide a line-itemed budget. Funds will not be delegated until a sufficient budget is presented. Funds are transferred from OS GDM to the OpDivs via an Intradepartmental Delegation of Authority (IDDA).

HHS Ventures funds cannot go towards FTE salary. HHS Ventures funds may be used for procurement of tools, technologies, and services through procurement and contracting vehicles available to the office awarded.

Selected teams are able to obligate funds through any mechanism available to them through their normal business practices. HHS Ventures funds do not allow for exceptions, exemptions, or any other means of operating outside of standard parameters.

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