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HHS Buyer's Club

What is the HHS Buyers Club?

Changing the way government procures. HHS Buyers Club is an HHS IDEALab”sponsored project that gives HHS employees a new way of procuring information technology. Given the expansion and impactful role of digital services throughout government, there are many opportunities to improve existing procurement methods used to support government services, directly benefiting the public.

Why was the HHS Buyers Club Developed?

It has been widely recognized that government access to and use of technologies that support data and information management are lagging behind the private sector. According to the 2013 Chaos Manifesto from the Standish Group, all IT projects in excess of $10 million were found to be challenged or failed, 52% and 48%, respectively. Innovative strategies to leverage federal acquisitions processes are needed to seek both better value and outcomes for the services we provide the public.


The HHS Buyers Club is for key stakeholders (i.e. procurement, IT, financial,and program managers as well as private industry among others) who want to transform HHS’ procurement practices in order to achieve better results and value for the government and public. Key stakeholders all benefit from innovative, streamlined practices where barriers don’t impact success.

The Projects

Clear identification of problems and barriers through collaborative, effectiveengagement of key stakeholders will lead to mutually”beneficial exchange ofinformation, ultimately enabling sustainable solutions. Carefully”chosen ITservice acquisitions are being tested through innovative procurementmethodologies, resulting in beneficial use cases. These acquisitionrequirements include, but are not limited to web development, cloudcomputing, and large”scale enterprise life cycle revisions. New, more effective procurement models and processes are being developed, tested, and evaluated.

Interested in particpating in the HHS Buyer’s Club? Contact idealab@hhs.gov for more information.

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