Improving Beneficiary Access to Health Information

Improving Beneficiary Access to Health Information

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) want to redesign the CMS Blue Button to enable it as a Data-as-a-Service platform to empower patients and enable the use of the data with third party applications.

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As the single largest health insurance payer in our country, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) maintains an incredibly valuable database of health insurance claims data that can be used to better manage health and improve healthcare outcomes. One important use of this data is making it available to Medicare beneficiaries and allowing them to share this information with their doctors and caregivers to improve care coordination.

CMS currently makes 3 years of Medicare Parts A, B, and D claims history available to beneficiaries via Blue Button. Blue Button is a broad initiative across multiple health care payers to allow patients to easily access their own health information in electronic form. However, the CMS Blue Button tool has limited functionality and scalability, making it difficult for beneficiaries to use and share their health information. To realize the full potential of sharing Medicare claims with beneficiaries, CMS needs to make these data available to beneficiaries in a usable and patient-friendly format. In addition, a Blue Button platform that allows third party services to build apps and other tools that can easily collect, present, and share the data (in a manner that ensures the privacy and security of the data) will make the data more actionable for patients.

CMS is looking for an entrepreneur with a background in technology, specifically the development and implementation of data-as-a-service platforms. Below are a list of specific skills and qualifications desired:

  • Technology background – has experience with developing and implementing data-as-a-service platforms
  • Ability to develop applications using agile development and modern technological skills (e.g., mobile development, user-centered design, etc.)
  • Expertise in secure transport mechanisms for data
  • Past project management experience, especially in design, implementing and measuring the success of pilots
  • Ability to engage with various stakeholder communities and create meaningful change

As an entrepreneur you have the chance to make a meaningful difference in lives of millions of Americans. Multiple organizations are working on Blue Button and this project will offer you the chance to learn more about Blue Button from CMS’s perspective. You will have the chance to network with individuals across government as well as the private sector.

If this opportunity sounds like a perfect fit you, apply now or share the opportunity with  someone.  Applications will be open from May 5, 2014 – July 16, 2014.

Niall Brennan, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

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