Breast Cancer Startup Challenge

Breast Cancer Startup Challenge

The first-of-its-kind, an international, university student-based startup competition, the Breast Cancer Startup Challenge was launched by the National Cancer Institute in partnership with the Avon Foundation and the Center for Advancing Innovation. The primary goals of this challenge were to accelerate the process of bringing emerging breast cancer technologies to market and stimulate the creation of start-up businesses around the inventions. As a result of this challenge, 10 new startups are expected to launch this summer.

The Breast Cancer Startup Challenge hopes to speed breast cancer-related inventions to market. The first-of-its-kind challenge was conceived in the spring of 2013 with the primary goals of accelerating the process of bringing emerging breast cancer technologies to market and stimulating the creation of start-up businesses around the inventions. New startups will launch in the summer of 2014.

The Breast Cancer Startup Challenge was created out of a unique public/private partnership between NCI, the non-profit Center for Advancing Innovation, and the Avon Foundation for Women. It centers around ten inventions selected for their potential to improve the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and their commercial viability. The Challenge is an innovative model to move NIH discoveries to market where they can benefit public health. The ten new startups will launch in the summer of 2014.

Multi-disciplinary teams of university students, seasoned entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business executives, competed in the Challenge’s rigorous Business Plan competition. The ten finalists are currently incorporating their businesses, negotiating a license and securing funding. This challenge also created new synergistic partnerships and is translatable across many sectors of the federal government.

Karen Maurey, National Institutes of Health
Thomas Stackhouse, National Institutes of Health
Rosemarie Truman, Center for Advancing Innovation
Marc Hulbert, Avon Foundation for Women
Rose Freel, National Institutes of Health
Richard Rodriguez, National Institutes of Health
Jennifer Wong, National Institutes of Health
Eric Hale, National Institutes of Health
John Hewes, National Institutes of Health
Joanna Bergmann, National Institutes of Health
Michele Newton, National Institutes of Health
Li Gwatkin, National Institutes of Health
Jonathan LuiCenter for Advancing Innovation
Youhong WangCenter for Advancing Innovation
Carolyn Ricci- Avon Foundation for Women

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Overview of the Breast Cancer Startup Challenge

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