Blue Button Project

Blue Button Initiative

Blue Button aims to empower all people in America with access to their health records in a secure, electronic format.

Originally a round one project for the Presidential Innovation Fellows, round two fellows are focusing on  growing the Blue Button Initiative across the public and private sectors – patients can download their own health information from a growing array of organizations (the Department of Veterans Affairs’ health system, private-sector health care providers, etc.) and securely share their medical histories with caregivers, import their prescription histories into mobile reminder apps, and more.  Fellows are creating and testing different senarios where personal health data will be used.

Blue Button was launched in 2010 by the Department of Veterans Affairs, with White House support, to give veterans the ability to access and download their medical records from an online patient portal. Since then, Blue Button adoption has expanded to other federal agencies, including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the private sector.  Today, we estimate that more than 100 million Americans have increasing amounts and types of electronic access to their personal health information from a variety of sources, including healthcare providers, healthcare insurance companies, labs, state health information networks, and others.

Presidential Innovation Fellows:

  • Adam Dole
  • Nayan Jain

More information on the Blue Button Initiative can be found at and

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