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I want to helpIf you are and HHS Employee and interested in contributing to improving government and health care through experimentation and innovation there a number of ways you can help.

First, sign up for Yammer and join the HHS IDEA Lab group. From here you will stay up to date on what is happening internally at HHS and connect to the internal innovator network.

Secondly, consider joining the HHS Innovation Council. The HHS Innovation Council is open to all HHS employees and is charged with advancing the culture of innovation at the Department.  The Council, which contains representatives from every major operating and staff division at HHS, meets monthly to discuss issues of relevance to the Department’s Innovation Agenda.  The Council oversees HHS’s open government efforts, including enhancing collaboration and participation activities at HHS.  The Council has actively invited outside stakeholders to participate in these meetings as a way of bringing an external perspective to the dialogue and to provide a forum through which agency leadership can consider private sector, non-profit, and other governmental agency perspectives in its deliberations.

Third, if you have time or a skill and would like to contribute to an innovative project, check out HHS Fairtrade.  HHS Fairtrade is a brand new platform developed to help those HHS employees that have a great idea but don’t have the resources or expertise needed to move forward. HHS Fairtrade is an internal crowdsourcing platform where Department staff can go to find resources – including people’s time and expertise to help them get their idea off the ground floor. Fairtrade is currently in development, but stay up-to-date on its development through the IDEA Lab Blog.

Lastly, stay engaged with us for general updates on the innovate activities happening inside and outside HHS.  You can do this by staying up-to-date with the IDEA Lab Blogfollow us on Twitterlike us on Facebooksubscribe to us on YouTube, or sign up to the HHS IDEA Lab mailing list. The mailing list will provide you with announcements on new opportunities for engagement and participation with the HHS IDEA Lab – including new trainings, and external collaboration opportunities. Join our mailing list!

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